Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Caught in the web - part 1

Newsround marked Safer Internet Day with another special, Caught in the Web, which gave a lot of sensible advice to kids.

David Tennant: Did you know there's a fantastical world where you can be whoever you want and do whatever your heart desires. It may sound like a far-away place, but it's closer than you think. This place is the internet. And for one lonely princess it was everything she needed.

David went on to talk about Lost Princess, her "friend" White Knight, and the dangerous things which happen to kids when Evil Arrow comes along.

Lost Princess designs her avatar and joins WonderWebWorld where she can meet so many people and quickly makes friends with White Knight, who shares her enthusiasm for a band called Poison Apple. Evil Arrow then points us to some stories about how kids can be in danger when they get caught in the web.

Additional stories and advice are available on Newsround's website.

In part 2 - how CBBC could help improve web safety.

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Anonymous said...

I think it was good because it made me think about websites like facebook and mns.