Thursday, January 14, 2010

Newsround's first report on Tuesday at 5pm was about problems some people are having watching 3D films. Sonali, introducing the item, said that the England vs Wales 6 Nations rugby match will be the first sporting event in Europe to be screened in 3D.

Another interesting report on Tuesday's Newsround was about allergies. Ricky spoke to Professor Adnan Custovic from the University Hospital of South Manchester, who has worked on a new, much more accurate, blood test to determine whether an individual really is allergic to peanuts.

Tuesday's Newsround also carried a live report about Northern Ireland. Readers will note the pusillanimous language used to describe Iris Robinson and the surrounding circumstances. Someone hearing about this for the first time on Newsround would find great difficulty in making sense of what happened.

Now take a look at a report by Newsround at 3.55pm yesterday on CBBC -

Leah: And last up, Dannii Minogue is celebrating. The X-Factor star has announced she's expecting a baby. Dannii and her boyfriend, former rugby player Kris Smith, say they're delighted that they're going to be parents. The baby will be born in July.

If Newsround is happy to report about Dannii Minogue and her boyfriend, why did they duck the boyfriend issue in the report about Mrs Robinson? Why did they report on Dannii and Kris's delight at the prospect of becoming parents?

It seems to me that, quite apart from falling foul of BBC Editorial Guidelines on many levels, Newsround is also inconsistent in its stance on morals.

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