Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Newsround seems a bit confusing about US politics. Today at 5pm Leah told viewers that President Obama has finished his first term.

Leah: Now it's a year today that Barack Obama first stepped into The White House as President of the United States of America. That means he's finished his first term in the job, but he's still got three more years until the US can vote on whether he carries on as President. And that hasn't stopped people giving their opinion on how they think he's done so far. Here's how some kids in the American state of Virginia think he's doing.

We then saw three kids from a school in Virginia give their views on Obama's first year.

Girl: I think that Obama has been as good for America as people thought when they elected him. I'm giving Obama 7 marks out of 10 because he's done so much for America, but there's still a lot that needs to be done.

Girl-2: I'm giving Obama 5 marks out of 10 because he has promised a lot. I think Obama had a great year - NOT. He needs to get in business.

Boy: I'm giving Obama 9 marks out of 10 because he's done a lot of things people thought he couldn't do. I think Obama's had a great year.

Newsround didn't report the result of the Senate special election in Massachusetts.

What do US kids think of Obama? - more opinions from a school in Culpeper, Virginia.

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