Saturday, January 30, 2010

My end of year blog wish about Jonathan Ross has more or less come true. Just a few more months and Ross will be gone for good. It seems that most people who bothered to contact the BBC are not sad to see the back of him.

News about Ross leaving the BBC came on 7 January 2010, the same day as my blog about the BBC Three show Most Annoying People 2009. I wondered why Jonathan Ross wasn't included anywhere on their list. So I had contacted Shine, who made the programme, to ask how they compiled the list and why it was that virtual unknowns such as Speidi and Sliimy made the top 100 but Jonathan Ross didn't.

It seems that the selection process is decided between Shine and the BBC, in conjunction with input and opinion from over 100 celebrities, journalists and cultural commentators, most of whom appear in the show. It is designed to reflect the views and interests of the BBC Three viewer and cover all areas of news and celebrity.

I also wanted to know why Ross wasn't on the 2008 list, especially considering there were thousands of complaints about his treatment of Andrew Sachs. I was told that in 2008 Shine "did indeed cover the ‘Sachsgate’ scandal. Russell Brand, who made the comments and on whose show the remarks were broadcast, appeared on the list at number 13 in a package about the scandal. Jonathan Ross did not make the list this year as there was no particularly strong reason for his inclusion in 2009."

Now to two people who were included on the 2009 list. Making an appearance at Number 89 were John Terry's mum and mum-in-law, both of whom are called Sue, and were cautioned for shoplifting.

Richard Bacon (narrator): All-in-all John Terry's not had a bad old year. He's signed a new multi-million pound deal with his club Chelsea, and saw England qualify for the World Cup. But according to the Sun newspaper his mum and mum-in-law almost managed to ruin it for him. And that's why they're on this year's most annoying list.

Journalists then gave their take on the story.

One guest, Martin Deeson of Square Mile:
Well you can imagine being John Terry - you must think life is about as good as it gets. You come from a normal background to making up to over a hundred grand a week to play the sport you love. And then come a Friday night and you get a phone call from your mum saying don't buy the paper on Sunday, there might be something in there you don't like. ....... I think John Terry's a great role model for kids. It's his mum you've got to worry about isn't it.

Richard began the Number 89 segment with: "Next up - a story almost too good to be true." The video is on YouTube, with the John Terry bit starting at 6minutes 50seconds.

Newsround generally has excellent sports coverage. They're always letting kids know when a new manager takes over a football club and such. And Newsround rarely misses the opportunity to play short interviews with sports personalities. So I wonder if they'll say anything about the England captain (YouTube) this weekend. Plenty of footie news today, but no mention of Capello's dilemma on the 12.55pm and 2.55pm programmes, or on their website.

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