Monday, August 03, 2009

The BBC One edition of Newsround has recently been re-scheduled to begin at 5pm but for some reason presenters of the 3.55pm edition on the CBBC channel still keep giving out the old start time of 5.05pm.

I mentioned the discrepancy in an email on Friday, but the same mistake was repeated today. Anyone could miss the first news story if they switch on at 5.05pm. And that wasn't the only thing they got wrong today, because the third news story on the 5pm edition was:

Two pieces of music written by one of the world's most famous composers, Mozart, have been performed for the first time. They've just been discovered, but were written by Mozart more than 250 years ago, when he was only about eight years old.

The problem is that Mozart was born in 1756, so the music was written less than 250 years ago. (see also blog on 21 May 2009)

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