Friday, June 26, 2009

The media, including the BBC, have been doing a good job holding politicians to account for their expense claims. Not surprisingly, BBC management saw which way the wind was blowing, and decided to reveal their own expenses before they were required to do so by the Information Commissioner.

One of those BBC expenses was for a £100 bouquet of flowers, given by Jana Bennett to Jonathan Ross. Ms Bennett thought it appropriate to use licence fee payers' money to buy her gift to Mr Ross ... reminded me of Frank Cook MP, who claimed back £5 for a donation he'd made to charity. There was one significant difference though - in the case of Frank Cook his claim was rejected, but in Jana Bennett's case the BBC paid out.

MPs are rushing to pay back all those outrageous expense claims. The question is when are BBC management going to pay back all their outrageous expense claims? At least Members of Parliament can be voted out of office if we don't think they've behaved properly.

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