Friday, May 29, 2009

A month ago, Newsround ended with a story about a sweet shop in Southampton which had run a competition to invent a new flavour sweet (see blog on 28 April 2009). Yesterday's programme, at 5.05pm, ended with a similar item. This time it was a press pack report from 12 year old Harry, who told viewers that he had the best job in the world - a sweet taster.

Taking into account the problems of child obesity and considering the harmful effect of eating too many sweets, the editorial decision to include another item about confectionery, presented in an unfailingly positive light, is questionable to say the least. The BBC believes that its editorial independence is sacrosanct - a subject to which Newsround Blog will be returning in due course.

However Newsround began yesterday with a more constructive report presented by Ricky, which looked at the curious topic of glowing monkeys, and more generally at arguments for and against animal testing.

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