Thursday, April 16, 2009

The third anniversary of the BBC's specious Creative Future policy is approaching. I blogged about my first age analysis of feedback to Newsround on 13th April 2006.

A new summary of Newsround feedback, based on data from six different topics late March/early April 2009, can be seen below: years on, by hook or by crook, it seems that CBBC has succeeded in ousting many of its teen viewers. Thirteen, 14 and 15 yr olds constituted over half of all feedback, but now they're less than a quarter.

Teens now have a meagre couple of hours of TV per week on Saturday afternoons, including repeats of Kyle XY which, a few weeks ago, was greeted in the Switch studio with loud cheers for a returning programme.

So much, where kids are concerned, for the BBC and Public Service Broadcasting. Is it any wonder that audiences are dwindling. The BBC Trust would like to put the blame on scheduling changes. The Weakest Link may be one factor, but the REAL weakest link is the BBC itself.

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