Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Commercial channels can't advertise unhealthy food and snacks during programmes watched by kids. But that doesn't mean BBC children's TV can't include news items about sweets and chocs. In fact Newsround covered three separate chocolate-related stories between Monday 2 March and Friday 6 March this year.

Today's programme at 5.05pm ended with a story about a sweet shop in Southampton. The shop called The Sugar Shack is a traditional sweet shop which opened in November last year. The owner, who incidentally has sold sweets online for about three years, came up with the idea of a local competition for kids to think up their own new sweets. Emily and her brother Adam were late entrants to the competition, but they invented the winning flavours. Ricky carried out a taste test himself and slightly preferred Emily's Banana Sherbet over Adam's Blueberry Explosion.

After the news story Ore asked those who thought they might have better ideas to head over to the website and let Newsround know.

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