Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shortly after my blog yesterday I noticed that the Your Life board is also to close on Monday 'as part of improvements' to the CBBC site and message boards.

The Your Life board is more well used than the Bullying board, and the announcement of its closure is not going down well, as can be seen from these three example posts:

Message 5 from Toast ~ *Hold your colour* ~

Im sick of these so called "improvements". You are pracitically just closing the whole message boards down

Message 9 from [°*Lioness*°] .. ThePhantomHunter | SilenceUnderFoot..

You can't close the Your Life board!
I've looked at the Ask Aaron board and its like the watch board, you can't post your own threads!
With just this thread to start with : not everybodys questions can be awnsered! :[

We need somewere to say exactly what we have to say and get exactly what we had to say awnsered!
Even though I haven't ever started a thread on here, (not that I recall anyway) I've seen how much this board helps some people!

Right, thats my side of it anyway, feel free to say whats on your mind as well!

First Newsround now this...

Message 15 from *Öpál~[M梨hïëf MªÑägêð]*

OMG wth! *fumes* Sarah's got it right! A bet in a few weeks time there will be no more boards left! They're all dropping like flies!


These messageboards should get a new name. Something like, the children's messageboards controlled by adults who think they know best but really don't have a clue and btw don't bother coming on here because all your threads will be closed and favourite boards be deleted so yeah kthxbaii. x

It seems the BBC is making things worse for kids because of these changes. Certainly that's what their feedback is saying loud and clear.

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