Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why has Ellie gone?

Ellie was Newsround's main presenter before taking maternity leave.

I've seen her recently on the BBC News channel, but the last time we saw Ellie present Newsround was on 21 February, although she did appear with her new baby on 30 May to send good wishes to Lizo, who was leaving to become the BBC's entertainment correspondent.

But why hasn't Ellie returned to Newsround, as we were told? And what about Lizo, Laura and Jake? It seems that the BBC needs to increase the salaries of Newsround's team otherwise they won't be staying on the programme very long.

See All about Ellie, which includes a video of her first day presenting Newsround, and a video with her and Laura talking to former CBBC presenter Andrew Hayden-Smith.

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