Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Newsround at 5pm yesterday covered the following stories:

1} Fires in California [1'53"]
2} Steven Gerrard [0'14"]
3} Whale shark has been filmed doing a poo [0'15"]
4} What should happen to kids who break the law? [2'26"]
5} 4,345,027 dominoes world record [1'10"]

Finally Ore asked viewers for their experiences of acting agencies.

As mentioned previously (22 October 2008) I was waiting to hear from Mark Thompson about the demographers who say that religious belief is making a comeback. Last Wednesday someone from BBC Complaints replied on his behalf and said that, as the head of an organisation with overall editorial responsibility for hundreds of hours of output across BBC channels every week, Mr Thompson is not always able to personally respond to all correspondence addressed to him. Mr Thompson's speech, I was told, was supported by a range of sources, principally the World Christian Database.

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