Sunday, November 23, 2008

The BBC's editorial judgement has been in question recently.

Last week was Anti-bullying week. Here are the items covered between Tuesday and Friday on the main 5pm edition (for Monday's programme see blog on 18 November 2008)


1} Oil tanker hijacked by 'pirates' [1'56"]
2} Locust swarms in New South Wales Australia [0'11"]
3} Didier Drogba banned for three games [0'16"]
4} Welcome in Colchester for returning troops [0'10"]
5} Use of respect barriers on football grounds [2'14"]
6} Maradona in Scotland [1'53"]


1} John Sergeant quits Strictly Come Dancing [2'39"]
2} Home countries football news [0'13"]
3} Astronaut's toolkit floated off into space [0'11"]
4} Barack Obama plans for becoming President [1'57"]
5} Sisters with a rare heart condition (press pack report) [1'56"]


1} Christmas shopping [1'53]
2} Theo Walcott has had surgery on shoulder [0'13"]
3} Charities unite for Congo appeal [0'16"]
4} Belgium - display of ice sculptures [0'15"]
5} School in Liverpool using text keypad gadgets [1'30"]
6} Top of the Pops Christmas specials [1'55"]
7} Archive details of plans for Dr Who [0'30"]

Lastly Ore read out emails about John Sergeant


1} Warning on safe use of deodorant sprays after boy dies [1'30"]
2} Arsenal captain criticises his team [0'12"]
3} Kids in N Ireland take 11+ for last time [0'12"]
4} Harry Potter - official trailer out now [0'15"]
5} Report on acting schools with answers to viewers' questions [2'40"]
6} Party to mark opening of hotel in Dubai [1'01"]

Those are just the 5pm Newsround programmes - but during the week Newsround is broadcast for more than 2 hours in total. The theme of anti-bullying week this year was Being Different, Belonging Together. But there wasn't so much as a 10 second report on any one of Newsround's 30 programmes from Monday to Friday. So this is another case where I would like to understand the reasons for the BBC's editorial judgement.

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