Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Money crisis

Newsround has been doing its best to keep kids informed on money issues. Last Wednesday it reported the government's bank rescue plan and Declan Curry explained what was happening. Friday's programme began with a report about the Iceland bank problems with over £1bn of UK money frozen, and on Saturday Ore reported that a hospital in Manchester treating cancer patients could lose £7½m. Monday's programme included more about the cash crisis, including interviews with kids on the changes they'd noticed. The report ended with some tips on how kids could be more careful spending their money.

The BBC has always been value for money, but with less to go around these days it won't be only kids who need to get better value. Even Conservative leader David Cameron, referring to the plan to invest taxpayers' money in the banks, said last week that there should be "no more irresponsible behaviour, no more inappropriate dividend policies and no more indefensible bonus packages." Maybe the BBC should heed the advice about bonuses. Why were bonuses introduced in the first place? I wonder if the BBC Trust will ask management to do the right thing and abolish bonuses for good.

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