Monday, September 01, 2008

A year ago on 3 September 2007 CBBC had a complete makeover, but a rough idea of what it used to look like can be seen from this link to

Before the change it was easy to navigate around the site, and kids could find helpful advice from the Your Life section. There was help on bullying, healthy eating, bereavement, overcoming depression, beating racism and lots, lots more. In fact there wasn't much help that you couldn't find on the old CBBC website. So, for example, if you were in a romantic mood and wanted find out about kissing, CBBC could help with a few tips:-

  • Only kiss people that you really like and that you're sure want to kiss you too
  • If you don't feel comfortable kissing, remember you can always say no
  • Practice first on something like the back of your hand or an orange
  • Make sure you have fresh breath
  • Wait for the right moment - don't just pounce on him/her
  • Start by holding hands
  • A lot of people like closing their eyes when they are kissing
  • Remember, kissing takes practice so never tease anybody about how they kiss
    ... as you can see from the Your Life - No Problem page from February 2007, when the BBC's policy of age discrimination against older kids was already well under way. (blog 13 December 2006)

    It's the start of the school year for many kids in Britain. They used to be able to get support and advice from CBBC, but it's all been replaced with a notice:

    "The Your Life website has now closed. If you are looking for help and advice you can follow the links below. Whilst we're scratching our heads thinking about what to do next on CBBC we'd love to hear you ideas for the website too." (screenshot)

    Why did they remove the help section first, and then scratch their heads wondering what to do next? My suggestion is to put back all the advice, because younger kids no longer have the benefits of any similar help.

    At the start of term two years ago Aaron, CBBC's agony uncle, was there to answer questions about kids' worries. Now the only support available is from Newsround. Today the programme included a press pack report from Blair, with his top tips on how to survive going up to secondary school.
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