Monday, June 02, 2008

Occasionally comments are posted to the more dated entries of my blog. That's what happened yesterday. A comment posted to the 27 March 2006 blog was about the problems of using 'gay' on CBBC message boards. For a short period early last summer some LGBT messages were allowed through on the CBBC 'Your Life' board, and some were even answered by CBBC's agony uncle, for example:-

But by late summer it seemed that the previous discrimination policy had been reinstated, and new messages using words like 'lesbian' or 'gay' were no longer to be seen. I informed BBC management about the discrimination last September but there was no improvement, so I raised the issue again today with the BBC and the Trust.

Last year Sir Michael Lyons was highly critical of salaries paid to people like Jonathan Ross. Today Sir Michael was seen posing for the cameras outside Broadcasting House as he and Jana Bennett shook hands, perhaps in a symbolic gesture to indicate that the BBC Trust and the BBC Executive Board are now working as one.

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