Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent began last night on ITV, presented by Ant & Dec. After all the concern about honesty with TV audiences, it was surprising to see that they don't quite seem to have got the message yet.

You decide who goes through to the final on Saturday night, they said, but didn't make it clear to viewers that two acts would go through. So fine if you had voted for the act which got most votes - your vote would have counted.

But suppose you had voted for another act. Well what happened was that after the voting had finished the audience were told which act had won, and then the judges decided which of the two runner-up acts would also go through. This was potentially unfair because if the judges' choice was not the same as the audience second choice, then it was not true to tell the audience that YOU decide who goes through.

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