Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reports abound in newspapers and on the net that magician Derren Brown is gay and has a boyfriend. Derren said “You have to be open and up front – or you end up turning it into a dark secret in your mind.”

It's still very difficult for kids to 'come out' at school without risking vicious prejudice. Thankfully Newsround's website has started to recognise the issue of homophobic bullying.

My last blog talked about CBBC and sexuality, using Eliot Kid as an example. The new series of Grange Hill began last week. Here are some snippets from the first episode, New Beginnings:-

Alex: I've been thinking. I'm gonna take charge of my life this year. Be more pro-active. It's like with the Humphries brothers gone last year, without them hounding me I can get on with being me! You know what I mean - it's like if you fancy somebody, you should just go up and tell 'em .. like ask 'em out......

Tigger: He's right though isn't he? About being pro-active. I've been thinking the same thing about Alison.
Ed: What about her?
Tigger: Today's her lucky day. Today I'm gonna ask her out. Proper.
Ed: But she might not wanna go out with you.
Tigger: She was all over me like a rash last year.
Ed: When?
Tigger: She was.
Ed: Er, when?
Tigger: She was giving me all the signs
Ed: Er, when?
Tigger: Ed - this is the difference between me and you. I understand these things.
Ed: So why didn't you make your move then?
Tigger: Alex! He had a thing for her didn't he. I didn't wanna make him feel bad by steppin' in then.
Ed: So what's different now?
Tigger: Well he obviously fancies someone else now
Ed: Well how did you work that one out?
Tigger: Well he didn't tell us the name of who he fancies. If it was Alison he wouldn't have been able to help himself, right? It's Sammy!
Ed: Sammy?
Tigger: Yeah, she's a geek. She'll see the big man's intellectual side.

Togger: (kisses a scantily dressed Tanya) Is that legal?
Tanya: I'm in the sixth form. I can wear what I want.
Togger: No, I mean like anywhere?!

Tigger: You could've introduced me
Ed: Yeah I know, Anyway you've missed her now.
Tigger: Thanks mate(!)
Ed: Look I'm just saying, as a mate, think about it because she might not fancy you.
Tigger: (laughs)
Ed: What if she fancies Alex? (Tigger looks incredulous) Alright then what if she fancies someone else?
Tigger: Well then I'll take my chances. Like the coach is always saying - You don't score if you don't shoot....

(Togger and Tanya still kissing in school corridor - Jenny sees and looks disgusted. Mrs Rawlinson bumps into her.)
Mrs Rawlinson: Really child you must be more .. whatever is the matter?
(Jenny gestures her towards Togger and Tanya snogging)
Mrs Rawlinson: Oh dear. Hurry along - it's only a practical demonstration of homo sapiens' characteristic desire for pre-mating ritual in public.

etc. etc. throughout rest of the programme.

During Derren Brown's stage act he sometimes joked that he could get any girl he liked to go out with him. But now Derren says sorry for disappointing any girls who fancied him.

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