Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ofcom's report into children's TV was a useful snapshot of the present situation. Parents, it says, regard public service programming for children as very important, but less than half think it is being delivered satisfactorily, especially in reflecting a range of cultures and opinions from around the UK.

This blog has concentrated on some of those failings. Certainly CBBC is not properly reflecting the reality of UK society, and the fact that CBBC is deliberately alienating some kids is totally unfair. The Ofcom report puts it like this: Parents are relatively content with provision for pre-school and younger children, but want more drama and factual programming for older children and young teenagers.

I discovered proof that the BBC was binning teenagers' feedback just over a year ago and wrote about it in my blog dated 13 September 2006. Despite being brought to the BBC's attention they took no notice.

So the BBC has to explain why, almost as soon as 'Creative Future' was unveiled, did they decide to axe an important contribution to UK children's TV drama - Byker Grove. Richard Deverell went out of his way to explain the decision on Newsround in May last year, but from what he said it seemed that he was not, himself, responsible for the decision.

Newsround, the most watched programme on children's television, didn't give any airtime or web coverage to Ofcom's report.

More on the Ofcom report another time.

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