Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tim Levell is the new editor of Blue Peter, and good luck to him. Of course, there was no excuse for mistakes already made, but I think the BBC has been quite harsh on Richard Marson, the programme's former editor.

Richard Deverell - so it's been reported - was told to sack him after it emerged that a poll of Blue Peter viewers was ignored. But doesn't Mr Deverell himself share the same condescending attitude to kids which led to the Blue Peter errors? And doesn't he back up the current de facto CBBC discrimination policy against lgbt and older kids. After all, their views are still being ignored on feedback and messageboards.

Why was the 'Your Life' section (Everything you need to know about growing up) removed from CBBC's website? (blog 28 August 2007) Jana Bennett said "We help children understand themselves and their relationships in all their rich complexity..." but could it be that she was the person ultimately responsible for removing the help?

Richard Deverell asked kids to trust CBBC (blog 21 September 2007), but first he should show that CBBC has earned that trust.

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