Friday, September 21, 2007

Richard Deverell, Head of CBBC, interviewed by Lizo on 20 September 2007

Yesterday Newsround reported the Blue Peter story mentioned in my previous blog. Sonali explained the events which led to the deception. (Thursday BBC1 5.25pm) In her report Sonali said that "The name that won the vote was, in fact, 'Cookie' but for reasons that are still unclear, your votes were ignored ..."

Following Sonali's report, Lizo interviewed Richard Deverell about the incident -

Lizo: Well this is the man in charge of CBBC. Richard, what do you have to say about the situation?

Richard Deverell: The most important thing to say is I'm very sorry. It shouldn't have happened. It was a bad mistake and I'm very sorry it did happen. And we're clearly taking a number of steps across the whole of CBBC to make sure this sort of thing never happens again.

Lizo: Now this isn't the first time that CBBC has been accused of misleading children. What do you say to kids who think they just can't trust CBBC any more?

Richard Deverell: Well I hope they don't feel that, and I would ask them to trust CBBC. We've looked back over three years of programmes - we do a lot of programmes - we found three mistakes in that period, of which this is one. Now clearly that's three too many, but the vast majority of the programmes we make are absolutely trustworthy, and I hope going forward they'll all be trustworthy.

Lizo: Well thanks for joining us today, Richard.

Richard Deverell: Thank you.

More about this soon.

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