Sunday, September 16, 2007

Newsround has been making the blogosphere recently, but it's not about the programme's discrimination against lgbt and older kids - it's all about Newsround's web coverage of the events surrounding 11 September 2001.

I was looking up Newsround on Google News and came across a Telegraph piece written in time for the start of the new school term. It's about staying safe on the web and I think it has some sensible advice for parents and kids. One surprise, though, was finding some remarks taken from a discussion about the dangers of chatrooms. The surprise wasn't anything the kids said, it was their ages.

According to the Telegraph, Kelly aged 14 from Kent said If you don't give out personal details, then you are safe. And ignore people who are rude and Jackie from Perthshire (also aged 14) commented People have often asked to meet me while I've been in a chatroom, but I just ignore them and log off

Could it be true that Newsround has given a voice to two 14 year old kids? So I checked the website and found that the feedback was from way back in 2003. That explained everything. If they'd posted anything this year, it would be consigned to the digital waste bin.

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