Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Catherine's press pack report

Newsround BBC1 - 21 August 2007 @ about 5.30 pm


Ellie: Have you ever been picked on because of the way you look? Presspacker Catherine got in touch with us 'cos she's fed up with being called names because of the colour of her hair. Here's her report.

Catherine: Hi, I'm Catherine. There's nothing unusual about me. I'm just a normal ten year old girl, except sometimes I get picked on (she removes her hat) because of this. Yes, I'm ginger. It's not my fault I'm ginger, but so what if my hair colour's different - it's just hair. (Screen caption: Being picked on is horrible) I'm still the same as anyone else.

Me and my brother have red hair and we are proud of it. (Screen caption: You can't help your hair colour) People wouldn't like it if I went around saying (shouts at someone through a megaphone) "oi boring brunette" or "dumb blonde". So why do people pick on gingers?

Dr Angharad Rudkin (child psychologist): All of us want to fit in, we want to be accepted, we want to be part of something. Now if the bullies are pointing out that you're different, you're not going to fit in then that can really upset us. If it is happening to you the best thing to do is not show the bullies that you're worried or upset about what they're doing.

Catherine: Hair colour hasn't stopped Charlie Clements. He's famous for playing Bradley Branning in EastEnders. (Speaks to Charlie) Have you ever got picked on because you're ginger? Charlie: Erm, sometimes. Not overly picked on when I was older, but when I was younger yeah there was a few names flying about at school. Catherine: Has being ginger helped you be a actor? Charlie: Yeah, I suppose it has really. It's helped me get this part definitely. I think in my audition I said something like there's not enough ginger people on TV. And I think thats partly why they gave me the part. So, yeah I suppose it has.

(Screen caption: Some people dye their hair)

Catherine: I know I could dye my hair blonde or brown, but that's not gonna happen. If you've got a problem with gingers keep it to yourself. (Screen caption: Being ginger is great!) This is Catherine, reporting for Newsround from Hertfordshire.

Ellie: Thanks Catherine. And if you've got a story you'd like us to investigate, why not get in touch?


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