Thursday, July 05, 2007

When, in August last year, ChildLine published its Casenotes report - Calls to ChildLine about sexual orientation, homophobia and homophobic bullying Newsround avoided the subject and merely reported that bullying is reaching record levels. (see blog 30 August 2006). All too often bullies get away with homophobic bullying precisely because the real issue is avoided.

Yesterday in Prime Minister's Questions the Prime Minister said "The Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families is announcing today a £30 million budget for ChildLine over the next two years, which will enable it to improve its services both to young people affected by bullying, and to all children who need the service of ChildLine. They do need it, and it is a great service." And today Esther Rantzen of ChildLine will be one of the high-profile speakers at an Education for All conference about tackling homophobia in schools. The problem affects thousands of primary and secondary kids, and cannot be ignored.

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