Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Blue Peter controversy

A former Blue Peter editor, Biddy Baxter was interviewed as part of the recent Children's TV on Trial season on BBC4. One of Blue Peter's presenters, Michael Sundin, was gay. He lost his job on the programme because, according to Biddy Baxter, "he was hugely unpopular"

So last night I contacted the BBC to try to find out about the feedback which they received. Watch this space.

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Anonymous said...

Baxter is trying to rewrite history. It is a known fact that Sundin was sacked for being gay by BB and to claim otherwise is a lie. Maybe she is feeling guilty all these years later? The comments she made about Michael's lifestyle are noted on the following site:
Michael had good looks, talant and personality, the reason he was sacked was she heard a rumour he was homosexual. Quote from the above site:

"Biddy stormed into the office one day, and grabbed Ted Barnes into her inner sanctum. All we could hear was her on a tirade about 'filthy habits', 'benders', and God knows what else. It later transpired that she had hear a rumour that Michael was gay, and with her iron sense of discipline, she could not accept it as perfectly normal in this day and age. He was sacked and told that he would never work in TV again. I left the team shortly after this - it had left a nasty taste in my mouth."