Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yesterday's Newsround, presented by Lizo, included an informative report about the new animal rights law which comes into force tomorrow.

Lizo introducing the programme yesterday: "Hi there, this is Newsround. Here's what's going on today. Released - the British sailors held hostage in the Middle East are let go. We've got the very latest. Plus, animal rights - the new laws for all pet owners. Hi there, but first to Iran ...."

The longest news report was about the new law on pets. The item began 3 minutes into the programme:-

Lizo: Next, to protecting our pets. Being cruel to animals has been illegal for years, but now people who don't care for their pets properly could be in just as much trouble. New laws which come into force in England on Friday will mean the age limit for buying a pet will rise from twelve to sixteen. There'll be bigger punishments and more protection for animals who are cruelly treated. And pet owners will now have a legal duty to properly care for their animals. Well Laura has spent a day with a family who have just collected their new pet dog, and finding out what the new rules will mean for them.

(Filmed report: Laura in a field walking with dog on a lead)

Laura: This is Max, a five year old German Shepherd. He doesn't know it yet, but today he's going to get a new home. Ella, Sam and Jack have managed to persuade their parents that they want a dog and today they've come to take Max home with them. They needed their parents' permission because from the end of this week the new age for buying a pet in England and Wales is sixteen.

(close-up of sign - "RSPCA Welcome to Leybourne Animal Centre")

Jack, 12: It's going to be really fun I think. I can't wait till when he's really sleepy and just falls asleep on your lap.

Ella, 10: There's loads of responsibilities for him, like loads of work.

Sam, 12: I'm most looking forward to taking Max for long walks and giving him exercise.

Laura: Max ended up at this RSPCA shelter because his owner just couldn't look after him any more, but lots of other animals are here because their owners abused them or didn't look after them properly.

Screen Caption "Max's owner went into hospital"

Laura: But now a new law about to come into force will make sure that all pet owners know all about their responsibilities and make sure that they stick to them.

(Dogs barking)

Screen Caption "Animals will have more rights"

Laura: As well as increasing punishment for people who seriously harm animals, all owners will now be legally responsible for their care too.

Screen Caption "Time to get Max home"

Laura: Meanwhile it's time for Max to see his new home. And Steve, from the RSPCA, has come along to explain how he, and other pets, can be properly cared for.

Steve Dockery: As you can see from Max's environment he's got somewhere comfortable to lay. The area is clean tidy and secure. There's no hazards at all for him. He's got somewhere to go and run and express normal behaviour. Very important that he's got access to water all the time and an adequate diet.

Laura: Well, so far so good. Everyone seems to be getting on well, which is a good start so I'm going to leave Max to settle in with his new family.

Screen Caption: "Max seems to be settling in well"

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