Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of the BBC Trust was interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning on Sunday AM. Here is a short excerpt from the interview:

Andrew Marr: Your first proper meeting is in the week ahead, as Chairman of this new BBC Trust. How is the Trust going to differ from the Governors? Are you going to be, as it were, more the voice of the viewers and the listeners, and less also speaking for the BBC as an institution? Is that the key?

Sir Michael Lyons: That's absolutely spot on. The new Charter, the new constitution slightly separates what were the Governors, creates the new body which is the Trust. Its first and foremost responsibility is to speak for the public for those people who pay their licence fee, and not to immediately defend actions taken by the BBC staff. So there's a tension and a challenge created...

Andrew Marr (interrupting): Built into it?

Sir Michael Lyons: That's our job to make sure that comes real.

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