Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Today's LGBT person, Nadia Almada was born the eldest of six brothers, and brought up as a boy in Madeira, an island owned by Portugal. She was christened Jorge, but always thought of herself as different to her brothers. As she grew up she preferred to dress as a woman and wear makeup. She became attracted to men, but she wanted to be seen as a woman to them.

Nadia Almada
Nadia Almada (b.1977)

Nadia came to the UK when she was 19, and worked as a cashier before entering the Big Brother 5 competition which she won in 2004. She was very popular with audiences and had been the overwhelming favourite to win weeks before the final.

The housemates that year in Big Brother were generally split into two groups, diametrically opposite in many ways, the "Jungle Cats" and the "Lip-gloss Bitches." These could be characterised as "masculine" and "feminine" with Nadia becoming the Lip-gloss Bitches' Icon. Nadia is a chain smoker.

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