Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not much sign of improvement on TMi yesterday. A little less sexism maybe, but CBBC is as heterosexist as it was when they made those star chats with Andrew Hayden-Smith and Alex Parks three years ago.

Special guest on TMi was Jesse McCartney, who was asked questions sent in by viewers - including one asking "is there a girl in your life, and if not why not?" If Jesse McCartney was openly gay would he be asked if there was a "boy in his life?" You don't need rocket science to know the answer. In fact I doubt he would be invited on a CBBC show in the first place. The programme also included his video - Right Where You Want Me.

Early this year Alex Parks decided she needed to step back for a while and think about her career. She said "I've had almost no support from the media - hardly any coverage on the radio and TV or in the press and whether that's because they don't like my music, or they don't like me, or maybe because I came from a reality TV programme - I don't know." She explained that these comments were not directed at the regional press, radio or TV (especially Cornwall) who have strongly supported her. She was very grateful for that support.

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