Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Newsround's half-term film review

Today Newsround introduced Helen, the junior film critic of the year. She reviewed three films to watch this half-term. Barnyard, Open Season, and Ice Age 2 (DVD).

Helen summarised the films at the end of her review like this:

Out of all the films my favourite has to be Barnyard. I couldn't stop laughing and it's action-packed too. I gave it four popcorns out of five.

Open Season wasn't as good. I found myself yawning half way through. The storyline just didn't keep me gripped. It's only getting three out of five popcorns.

And it's another great film from the Ice Age crew. Characters are funnier than ever especially Scrat. It's getting a cool four out of five. Well maybe three and a half. This is Helen reporting for Newsround.

But now look at Newsround's webpage about the review

Helen, 11, is the junior film critic of the year and Newsround got her to take a look at the best films to watch this half-term

In Barnyard a party-loving cow has to grow up fast after his dad is killed by coyotes. He has to learn to look after the other animals - Helen says: "I didn't like it as much as the other films. I found myself yawning halfway through. It's only getting two out of five from me!"

Open Season is about a bear and a deer who team up so they don't get shot by hunters. They're a pretty odd couple - Helen says: "I really liked this film. It was funny and action-packed. I liked the slapstick humour. I'll give it four out of five"

Ice Age 2 is the second adventure for Scrat, Sid, Manny and Diego. You can get the DVD at the moment - Helen says: "Ice Age 2 is another great film from the Ice Age crew. It's even better than the first one. The characters are great, especially Scrat the squirrel. I'd give it four out of five"

Newsround must think kids were born yesterday to not notice the discrepancies. As to whether cows are "he" or "she" maybe that's not their fault.

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