Monday, September 18, 2006

Matters of sexuality, of whatever nature, straight or gay, are not within the remit of CBBC, says Paul Smith, a BBC editorial policy adviser.

If that were true, why, on the first edition of TMi, was a boy asked to guess which celebrity his friend fancied?

And why does CBBC deem this gossip acceptable:

Lindsay Lohan has apparently splashed the cash on her new boyfriend - she's reported to have bought him a £5,000 watch.

But not this:

Little Britain star Matt Lucas is to "tie the knot" with his long-term boyfriend Kevin McGee. The star decided to pop the question in May this year and is reported to be 'absolutely delighted' that his partner said yes.

The answer is that CBBC knowingly discriminates against people who aren't heterosexual, but they never admit to doing it.

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