Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So Pauline (Wendy Richard) is leaving EastEnders after 21 years, Martin (James Alexandrou) after 10 years. And Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) is taking a break after 12 years.

The BBC defence to Stonewall's 'Tuned Out' report included, amongst other things, listing the dozen or so lgb characters who have appeared in Eastenders in the 21 years since it began - the latest in the list being Naomi.

But surely they have to be kidding. The Naomi/Sonia storyline could hardly be a more clear example of BBC cluelessness when it comes to portrayal of same sex relationships.

Stonewall talked about negative gay stereotypes in their Report, but the BBC didn't want to know and simply dismissed Stonewall's criticisms out of hand - whilst at the same time stifling any discussion of the Report's findings in their current affairs programmes.

The 'High & Low Points' section of Sonia's character profile (blog on 4 June) reveals the truth about her relationship with Naomi. Whereas there are nice things said about her straight relationships with Martin and Jamie, her relationship with Naomi is only seen as a low point - and that information comes from the BBC's own Eastenders website.

The BBC will never get it right until it accepts lgbt youth as a part of British society. It is fighting against the truth: that lesbian, gay, bi and trans people exist. Gay people don't just appear, wreck other people's lives - then disappearing moments later in a puff of smoke.

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Hannah said...

Nice site. I didn't realise quite how biased the BBC were. I think I will start writing in also.

I really don't see why Newsround didn't report on same-sex couples being able to have civil ceremonies. I mean, it's not like it's sexually explicit, it's just 2 people who love each other finally having the same rights as straight couples!! Grr, I'm getting pissed off now.

Great site as I said. I hope the BBC finally listen.