Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pride and prejudice

It is coming up to Europride, and it's over six months since this blog started. At first I concentrated on Newsround, but later other examples of BBC discrimination were added.

The BBC says it aims "to reflect fully and fairly all of the United Kingdom’s people and cultures in our services."

And the BBC Diversity Centre says that diversity should form a substantial element of editorial judgement, and that all editors share an obligation to give adequate and meaningful consideration to diversity matters.

On appointing an additional executive to oversee diversity, the BBC director of television said: "To deliver the ambition of Creative Future and meet audiences' expectations in a changing world, we need our programmes to reflect fully and accurately the diversity of the UK population."

So all the mechanisms are in place to make the BBC one of the most diverse-friendly organisations in Britain. The big question is: Does the BBC really want to be inclusive of young lgbt people, or is it just happy to continue with the discrimination and prejudice?

Let's see if Newsround reports from EuroPride this year.

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